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Matilda - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

Matilda is a book about an extraordinary little girl who lives with an incredibly neglectful and selfish family who could care less about her existence. Despite Matilda's horrendous upbringing, she manages to find solace at school among her peers and her good-hearted teacher, Ms. Honey. Her trouble's are far from over though. The principal of the school, Ms. Trunchbull, is a big bully that terrorizes the students and faculty. Matilda discovers something truly incredible about herself along the way, and manages to find complete happiness in the end. This book would be a great independent, or class read for upper elementary students. A whole study could be done on books, turned into movies. If several books were introduced, and read, the class could vote on which book they would like to see as a movie. My pick would be Matilda. There are also several resources on teacherspayteachers that align common core literature standards to the book Matilda.