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Pinkalicious - Victoria Kann, Elizabeth Kann

Pinkalicious is a story about a little girl who loves the color pink! One rainy day, she makes  cupcakes with her mother, pink cupcakes! Despite her parent's warning, she eats too many cupcakes, so many, that when she wakes up, to her delight, she had turned pink! Her only cure was to eat a diet of green vegetables. She was unable to stop eating the cupcakes, so she turned red! She did not like the color red, so she ate as many vegetables as she could, until she returned back to normal! Lesson learned. Too much of a good thing, is too much. Pinkalicious is a good read for kindergarten. Because the book is themed around pink cupcakes, you could implement cupcakes in several of your centers. Count the number of pink sprinkles on frosting and match that to the cupcake bottom displaying the corresponding number. Use a cupcake graphic organizer to identify the plot of Pinkalicious. There is a free pinkalicious pack of cute worksheets available on teacherspayteachers.