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Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Wonder is a book about a little boy named August who was born with severe facial defects. Up until the age of 10, his parents have homeschooled him. Entering a new school is difficult for most children, but the process is especially difficult for August. The book is about the challenges he faces, and how, with the support of his loving family, and some new friends at school, he is able to overcome those challenges spectacularly. The book is written in differing perspectives of various characters, which provides valuable insight as to how August views himself, as well as how others view him. This book is most appropriate for 5th grade, however, I think that the book can be read by multiple grades because of it's superb message to "Choose Kind." Everyone can use a dose of that.

In the book, one of Augusts' teachers instructs his students to come up with, or borrow, a precept, to display in the classroom. This could be implemented in your own classroom. Think of how inspiring it would be to display quotes chosen by your students in your own classroom. This would be a wonderful book to read with your class. You could also implement a class activity where children write anonymous kind words about their classmates. If you look through each of the 5th grade literature standards, you are able to cover each standard by reading the book Wonder.