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Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss

Get your lungs ready! Green Eggs and Ham is a repetitive rhyming book about a character named Sam-I-Am who really wants his friend to try his favorite dish, green eggs and ham. Unfortunately his friend really just wants Sam to go away, but ends up giving in and eating the dish if Sam promises to leave him alone. Fortunately for Sam, his friend discovers he absolutely loves green eggs and ham! Mission accomplished! I find myself out of breath a lot when reading this particular book, but children LOVE this book, so it is a must during Dr. Seuss week. Storytube.com has an animated cartoon version of Green Eggs and Ham that includes music! This is a great book for kindergarten and first grade because of the many sight and rhyming words that can be found throughout the book. Making green  paper eggs, halving them, and writing rhyming words on both halves would make a fantastic center. The students could piece together the correct eggs to make a rhyme. You could introduce graphing to your students by getting the students to vote on whether they would try green eggs and ham, and making a graph of those students who would and would not try the dish.